Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced practices in Data Visualization


Come and learn essential data science skills directly from one of today’s data science thought leaders. Stephen Brobst teaches this class mainly in USA – now in Helsinki!

Data Science and Big Data Analytics:  Leveraging Best Practices and Avoiding Pitfalls

Data science is the key to business success in the information economy.  This workshop will teach you about best practices in deploying a data science capability for your organization.  Technology is the easy part; the hard part is creating the right organizational and delivery framework in which data science can be successful in your organization.  We will discuss the necessary skill sets for a successful data scientist and the environment that will allow them to thrive.  We will draw a strong distinction between “Data R&D” and “Data Product” capabilities within an enterprise and speak to the different skill sets, governance, and technologies needed across these areas.  We will also explore the use of open data sets and open source software tools to enable best results from data science in large organizations.  Advanced data visualization will be described as a critical component of a big data analytics deployment strategy.  We will also talk about the many pitfalls and how to avoid them.

  • Learn about the latest technologies for machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Learn how to innovate using data science in the age of big data.
  • Learn about the most common mistakes made when doing big data analytics.
  • Learn how to deploy data lake, data R&D, and data product capabilities within your organization.


Overcoming Information Overload with Advanced Practices in Data Visualization

It is well known that human understanding is much more effective with pictures than with rows and columns of numbers. However, much of the output from business intelligence environments remains trapped in traditional reporting formats. In this workshop, we explore best practices in deriving insight from vast amounts of data using visualization techniques. Examples from traditional data as well as an in-depth look at the underlying technologies for visualization in support of geospatial analytics will be undertaken.  We will examine visualization for both strategic and operational BI. A key theme is exposing actionable decisions through use of visualization techniques. Examples from a variety of industries will be employed.

  • Learn how to overcome information overload with visualization.
  • Learn about best and worst practices in deploying visualization tools.
  • Learn about next generation visualization tools using mash-ups, geospatial data, and animation.

Stephen Brobst puhuu aiheesta Critical Technologies Necessary for #BigData Exploitation konferensissa 8th Extremely Large Databases Conference and Workshop.


Koulutustapahtuman päivittäinen alkaminen ja päättyminen: aamiainen 8:30, koulutus 9:00-16:15

Daily start and end of training event: breakfast 8:30, training 9:00-16:15


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Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced practices in Data Visualization

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