Blockchain Introduction, installation, testing and use case analysis


Blockchain enables distributed and decentralized data and information sharing and tamperproof event and transaction recording across low-trust boundaries – technology that may turn out to be as revolutionary as internet has proved to be. Still, it is not easy to get hands-on ja easy-to-apply information about blockchains.

The goal of this blockchain introduction and use case session is to

  • provide clear entry-level insight to blockchain,
  • examine how blockchains can be applied and
  • give a practical tool to analyse whether blockchain should be used or not.

There will be interactive lectures and group work around use cases and Q&As about the covered topics.

Trainers are highly experienced professionals in blockchain and business.

Dr. Keir Finlow-Bates has been involved more than 5 years in blockchain business, innovating several patents in this field and developing a data integration product based on blockchains. He has been working for companies like Qualcomm, Xerox and Citrix Systems before starting a blockchain company Chainfrog Oy.

Kimmo Rouhiainen has deep expertise in lean startup methods and agile development and works as business development manager for Chainfrog Oy. He has been working for companies like Digirockstars Oy, New Factory and Hermia Business development.

Introduction: check video from DrupalCamp Nordics 2017:

This training is targeted at business and IT professionals responsible for enterprise data governance including metadata management, data integration, data quality, master data management and enterprise content management.

Knowing basic data management principles as well as at least a high level of understanding of the concepts of data migration, data replication, metadata, data warehousing, data modelling, data cleansing etc. helps to understand the context in general.

You do not need to know about blockchain.

This training helps the participants to answer questions:

  • what blockchains are and
  • how blockchains can be applied and
  • what kind of use cases are feasible to your company.

The training provides you both theoretical framework and hands-on case experience and facilitates discussion to uncover possible applications and opportunities to use blockchains in your industry and for your company.

  • Easy to understand introduction to blockchain technology.
  • Install your own blockchain.
  • Case analysis tools – should you use blockchains or not?
  • Discussions on the future applications of your industry.

An introductory blockchain training by Dr. Keir Finlow-Bates covers

  • What are blockchains
  • The technology behind blockchains
  • Public, private, open and permissioned blockchains
  • Different blockchain ledgers: Ethereum, Hyperledger, Bitcoin, MultiChain
  • Blockchain misconceptions
  • Blockchain testing and demonstration

A general Q&A gives participants the opportunity to ask about specific areas such as cryptocurrencies, GDPR, smart contracts, data management.

Business development training by Kimmo Rouhiainen identifies

use cases and tools: Blockchain checklist, Lean and Blockchain Canvas.

  • Use cases in different industries and business verticals.
  • How blockchains can be used inside and outside the organization.
  • Blockchain checklist – when to use and when not.
  • A coordinated ideation comparing Lean Canvas to Blockchain Canvas to find best-fit business cases applying blockchain technology.

General Q&A and follow-up how to continue analysing blockchain use cases.

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Blockchain Introduction, installation, testing and use case analysis

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Paikka vahvistetaan myöhemmin. Helsinki.

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