Tarry Singh

Tarry Singh globally renowned Machine Learning and Deep Learning Expert and was recently selected by LinkedIn as Influencer for 2018/2019 “Top Voices in Data Science and Deep Learning”.

Tarry has over 17 years of experience working with data and has advised CxOs of global organizations to setup data-driven organizations from scratch. He speaks regularly at global AI leadership summits worldwide and conducts workshops on a regular basis with his TAs who are currently PhDs in various disciplines such as NLP, Computer Vision, Robotics and other Artificial Intelligence disciplines.

He is CEO, Founder and AI Neuroscience Researcher of an AI startup deepkapha.aideepkapha.ai focuses on the following three pillars:

1) breakthrough AI research that intends to knit the world of neuroscience, models and frameworks around deep learning for the future,

2) build AI Solutions for corporate customers and trains engineering teams to holistically build AI departments with hands-on, market-relevant advanced AI projects and finally,

3) AI Philanthropy initiative “givebackAI” to train the world that cannot afford expensive education. We have already trained over 20.000 learners worldwide in 2018 and expect to have trained* about 100000 by end 2019.

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