Certified Data Vault Data Modeler (CDVDM)


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Data Vault modeling is rapidly becoming the standard modeling approach for the data  warehouse. Thousands of the largest international organizations are applying data vault modeling techniques today. Data vault patterns are specifically well suited for data integration and historization. When applied to data warehousing programs data vault modeling can provide the organization with some very compelling benefits. These include agility, support for incremental build, alignment with the business, auditability, and support for large scale enterprise data integration and data warehousing initiatives.

To gain these benefits the organization will need to commit to both EDW program level factors as well as ensemble modeling and data vault modeling patterns, related standards and best practices. This course will guide you through these modeling patterns, rules and methods to prepare you for successful data vault modeling in your organization. Data Vault, and the underlying Ensemble Modeling Pattern, can be successfully applied not only to traditional platforms, but also to Big Data deployments, streaming applications, and Blockchain fabric initiatives. The foundational Ensemble Logical Model (ELM) provides the framework for understanding the enterprise data asset independent of the physical architecture.

The CDVDM Course

This course will guide you through the Data Vault modeling approach from modeling constructs and patterns to applying data vault principles in your enterprise data integration program. This course also covers effective business mapping (conceptual and logical modeling through ELM), how to develop an overall agile enterprise data program and is applicable to all enterprise data integration initiatives including those leveraging current and emerging data architectures (Cloud, Big Data platforms, Mesh, Streaming, & Blockchain). Since data vault may be new for you, this course also includes a summary of the benefits of using data vault techniques.

CDVDM Course Structure
The CDVDM course is a three (3) day intensive classroom-based course. The course consists of five (5) core components plus the certification exam. The classroom time is 35% Classroom Lecture, 30% Small Group Modeling Cases, 10% Individual Exercises and 25% Interactive Discussions.

The course materials consist of a course book that follows the classroom lectures and several modeling cases for the small group modeling labs. Class interactive discussions are based on these cases plus workbook examples. The course book is continually updated (version 42 published 2022) and contains the very latest advancements, insights and active best practices. These are based on the developments, experiences and active discussions by a consortium (DVEE) consisting of dozens of international experts.

Target Audience
The target audience for this course includes data modelers, enterprise architects, business analysts, model managers, data warehousing and business intelligence professionals, data warehouse DBAs, developers, testers, data scientists, ETL/ELT professionals, CTOs, CIOs, Data Governance & MDM professionals, Big Data & Streaming developers. Because ensemble and data vault modeling concepts are closely aligned with the business aspects of DWBI programs our target audience also includes program managers, information modelers, information architects, and other BICC & corporate data professionals.

Requirements and Pre-Requisites
This course does not require a computer or other device (unless delivered online). All materials, workbooks, case books and exercises will be provided. There are no pre-requisites for this course other than the included two (2) weeks of online on-demand video lessons from
eLearning.GeneseeAcademy.com (provided as part of the class registration & useful to get all students familiar with the topic).

Course Duration:
This course is 3 days in length.

3250 € + VAT
Early Bird: 2850 € + VAT
The early bird is valid until 6 weeks (29.07.2024) prior to the class.

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Koulutusohjelman sisältö:

8.00 Morning buffee
8.30 Welcome & Introductions
9.00 DW Modeling w/ CBC & NBR
9.30 Ensemble Modeling & ELM
10.00 Data Vault Core Constructs
10.20 Comparing Modeling Methods
10.30 Break
10.45 Tracking History
10.55 Information & Logical Modeling
11.15 Data Vault Modeling Process
11.15 Group & Individual Exercises
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Continue First Case
13.45 Class Discussion & Groups Present
14.15 Link Design & Unique, Specific NBR
14.30 Keyed Instance & SAL/HAL
14.45 CBC Hub & Key/Identifier Topics
15.00 Disconnected Pattern & Ref. Tables
15.15 Break
15.30 Context vs Concept & applied CBC/NBR 1600 Begin 1st Group Modeling Case
17.00 Wrap up for the Day

8.00 Morning buffee
8.30 Q&A from Day One
9.15 Continue 1st Modeling Case
10.30 Break
10.45 Class Discussion & Groups Present
11.20 Satellite Design & Special Sats
11.35 Expanded NBR & KI Guidance
11.50 Modeling Context Close to Key
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Group & Individual Exercises
13.20 Applying the DV Ensemble
13.35 Standard and Expanded Attributes
13.50 Managing Dates / Bi-temporal Data
14.00 Interactive White Board Topics
14.45 Small Group Case Exercise
15.15 Break
15.45 Class Discussion & Groups Present
16.15 Modeling Context (w/ Address)
16.30 Guidance (LSAT, MVSAT, T-Link)
16.40 Recap White Board Topics; Q&A
16.50 Begin 2nd Group Modeling Case
17.00 Wrap up for the Day

8.00 Morning buffee
8.30 Q& A from Day Two
9.15 Continue 2nd Modeling Case
10.30 Break
10.45 Groups Present & Discuss
11.20 Architecture & Loading Patterns
11.35 Class Discussion
11.50 Recap for Exam
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Recap & Discussions
13.30 EXAM -or- Expanded Class*
(*additional modeling labs & exercises, class discussion)
16.30 Conclusion
17.00 Course ends




Business Data Modeling Professional, Data Warehousing Author, Trainer & Advisor. CEO of Global Training & Certification Organization, Genesee Academy, LLC.

Hans Hultgren has 35 years experience working with all things Data including DW/BI, Data Modeling (Ensemble Modeling, ELM and Data Vault), Enterprise Integration, Conceptual Modeling and Data Vault Modeling. Currently focused on Enterprise Data, Business Data Modeling with Data Vault & Ensemble ELM as an Instructor and Advisor.

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Remco Broekmans

Business Data Modeling Professional, Facilitator, Trainer & Advisor. VP International Programs, Genesee Academy, LLC.

Remco Broekmans has 20+ years experience working with all things Data including DW/BI, Data Modeling (Ensemble Modeling and Data Vault in particular) and Enterprise Integration. His current focus is on getting aligned with the business side of organizations in ELM workshops and work with business people towards an Aligned, Refined and Designed Data model – a Logical Data Model fit for Data Vault or other Ensemble pattern. Remco is fulfilling different roles like Instructor, Facilitator, Coach and Advisor.

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Certified Data Vault Data Modeler (CDVDM)

3 days
LIVE Helsinki / Huone Kamppi
  • 10.09.2024 8.30-17.00 / LIVE, Huone Kamppi, Helsinki, Finland
Hinnoittelu: Tarjous Early Bird: 2850 € + VAT3250 € + VAT Alennus voimassa 23 päivää!
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