This new program makes it easier to recruit new data professionals.

The importance of data, analytics and artificial intelligence and the need to utilise them is constantly growing. In addition to training their own staff, companies and organizations have an acute shortage of data professionals. We have now worked with Clevry to create a new solution to this challenge.

In the solution, Clevry searches for and finds potential people suitable for the culture of the company or organisation. All the selected persons will be trained with selected trainings by Ari Hovi to increase their skills and understanding of the data field. After this, the person continues to work and learn in the target company himself, using staffing.

How does the program facilitate the recruitment of potential people?

  • You will get a new effective channel for recruitment, as Clevry has effective connections with appropriate subject organizations, newly graduated and new job seekers.
  • Clevry’s brand attracts people to explore available vacancies. This helps especially in situations where your own brand is not the most attractive on its own.
  • The valuable trainings of Ari Hovi, who is respected in the field of data utilisation, attracts good applicants, as learning is important for many people.
  • Clevry handles the screening of suitable applicants, their initial interviews, and aptitude testings. Only then will the end customer interview applicants selected for their own culture and situation.
  • The training provided by Ari Hovi saves a lot of resources required for initial orientation and skills updating. A data related broader vision and possible changes in the work tasks have already been taken into account
  • It is easy to guide and lead the selected persons, as each person is accompanied by instructions on how to work with the person based on the competence survey. This will create better conditions for the success of both sides of recruitment.
  • Staffing is a very safe solution for a company or organisation if you want to minimise recruitment risks, as Clevry has employer responsibility. Successful rectification is a common goal.
  • After a one-year staff hire, the person can be recruited at no extra cost.
  • In addition to the initial trainings, it is possible to take the necessary additional training from Ari Hovi for a separate price.

14 days training program has been developed carefully.

  • How AI changes businesses and how to prepare for it -1 day
    You will understand what is the reality behind the hype and how AI will change businesses and work.
  • Data and analytics solutions’ modern applications – 1 day
    In particular, you will learn to understand data warehouses and why they are made.
  • Producing information that business needs – 1 day
    By understanding the needs of managers it is easier to produce useful data and solutions.
  • Data Modelling – 2 days
    You will learn the importance of common concepts. You will learn to read and create data models and understand the usefulness of modelling in data warehouse implementations. In addition, you can utilise data models to solve data-related problems.
  • SQL – 2 days
    You will understand why SQL is used a lot and you will learn how to search, modify data, and join 2-3 tables together. Also the course is excellent for those who already have some knowledge of SQL, as the course is very comprehensive.
  • Python programming with data and Azure – 2 days
    You will get started in programming in a language that is central to artificial intelligence solutions and are able to move forward on your own.
  • Power BI – 2 days
    This is the most common BI service at the moment.
  • Azure Data Platform in practice – 2 days
    Azure is one of the most common cloud services.
  • Introduction to Data Vault – 1 day
    Data Vault method is a very popular agile method for building up data warehouses.

Please contact us for more information:

Ari Hovi:
Petri Hakkarainen
Head of Training Services
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Roope Rajala
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Start a career with a growing industry where there will be interesting opportunities.

As the amount of data continues to grow, new skills are constantly needed in data related tasks. The work tasks are diverse and related to e.g. knowledge management, data management, agile development and data quality. Several companies and organisations have already set up teams directly related to the utilisation of data and artificial intelligence.

The ensemble, created jointly by Clevry and Ari Hovi, provides an excellent opportunity to find employment in a growing field, for which you also receive a valuable and useful initial trainings.


What kind of applicants are we looking for in the program?

In particular, Clevry is looking for end-time students, recent graduates and persons interested in Data.  The persons should be able to commit to full-time work and who have:

  • Educational background in statistics, economics or computing
  • Knowledge of R / Excel / Python and / or SQL, for example
  • Good math skills
  • Motivated, tacky and responsible attitude

These give a good start with this program.

Please ask for more information!
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