A new program facilitates the recruitment of data professionals.

The importance and need to utilize data, analytics and artificial intelligence is growing. In addition to training their own personnel, companies and organizations have an urgent shortage of new data experts. In practice, there are too few experts and finding and recruiting them is challenging.

AriHovi and Clevry have worked together to create a new solution to this worsening challenge – we will bring more experts in the field.

In the solution, Clevry searches for and finds potential individuals who are suitable for the culture of the company or organization, from whom you can choose the ones that are right for you. As part of the orientation, individuals will be trained through specific training by Ari Hovi that will increase their understanding and skills in the data field. After that, the person continues to work and learn at the target company, taking advantage of staffing.

“We would not have been able to attract such high-quality applicants ourselves.”

“People have gotten off to a really fast start and have already been given responsible positions quickly.”

How many experts do you want?

  • Following the decision, Clevry will begin work and search for suitable individuals in its comprehensive registry as well as through open vacancy notices. Clevry has effective connections with appropriate subject organizations, recent graduates, and those interested in a new job. Qualified applicants are also attracted by Ari Hovi’s comprehensive training package.
  • Clevry screens the most suitable applicants for the situation and culture of the company or organization. From them, the end customer can interview and select the most suitable people for them.
  • The training provided by Ari Hovi saves a lot of resources required for initial orientation, and it has already taken into account the broader view related to the data field and possible changes in work tasks.
  • Guiding and directing the selected people is easy, as each person comes with instructions based on the competence survey on how to work with the person. This will create better conditions for the success of recruitment on both sides.
  • After a one-year staff lease, the person can be recruited at no extra cost. Staff lease is a very secure solution for a company or organization that minimizes recruitment risks, as Clevry has employer responsibility. Successful recruitment is a common goal.

The 14-day training program includes:

Data Control

Modern implementations of data and analytics solutions

Course review
3 Reviewers

A concise and vendor-independent briefing on the ideas, methods, and…

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Leading with knowledge

How artificial intelligence changes the business and how you prepare for it

Course review
120 Reviewers

Course introduction There are only three types of companies: Data-driven…

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Data Control

Data Modeling

Course review
9 Reviewers

This is not just a database design course, but covers…

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Agile Development

SQL basics

Course review
12 Reviewers

The course is one of our most popular courses from…

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Agile Development

Python with data analysis and azure

Python is going to be in year 2021 the most…

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Data Control

Data Vault Introduction

Course introduction Centralized data warehouses are often designed using either…

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Agile Development

Azure Data Platform in practice

Course introduction Microsoft Azure is a popular and fast-growing cloud…

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Agile Development

Generating the data you need for your business

Agenda: 1. Intro 2. Managing Information Requirements 3. Preparing for…

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Agile Development

Power BI Basics

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of different services and…

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Please contact us for more information:

Ari Hovi:
Petri Hakkarainen
Head of Training Services
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Saara Salminen
Clevry’s webpage

Start a career with a growing industry where there will be interesting opportunities.

As the amount of data continues to grow, new skills are constantly needed in data related tasks. The work tasks are diverse and related to e.g. knowledge management, data management, agile development and data quality. Several companies and organisations have already set up teams directly related to the utilisation of data and artificial intelligence.

The ensemble, created jointly by Clevry and Ari Hovi, provides an excellent opportunity to find employment in a growing field, for which you also receive a valuable and useful initial trainings.


What kind of applicants are we looking for in the program?

In particular, Clevry is looking for end-time students, recent graduates and persons interested in Data.  The persons should be able to commit to full-time work and who have:

  • Educational background in statistics, economics or computing
  • Knowledge of R / Excel / Python and / or SQL, for example
  • Good math skills
  • Motivated, tacky and responsible attitude

These give a good start with this program.

Please ask for more information!
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