SQL basics

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The course is one of our most popular courses from year to year and is also available company-specific.

The data field and related know-how are so desirable that there are not enough experts to meet demand. You now have the opportunity to get on the crest of the wave and learn more.

SQL is the basic data mining tool for the data professional. It is also the first step into the world of Data Science: SQL is the most essential skill of all in this job. In the 2021 Data Science job postings, SQL is the second most sought-after skill.

Why Ari Hovi’s SQL course?

For years, Ari Hovi has developed the training method and exercises for this course in such a way that you will certainly learn in the course.
You will learn SQL from the beginning, also progressing to the most complex cases that are most commonly encountered.

Plenty of hands-on exercises on the workstation. Examples, tips based on practical experience. The course does not require previous database or programming experience. The course also serves as a good introduction to relational databases.

The tasks can be performed on your own computer without installations using our cloud-based training environment.
The student can choose one of the following as the training environment on their own computer (via a browser): SQL Server, Oracle or PostgreSQL.

Ari Hovi’s popular SQL guide has just been updated and is included in the price of the course (already the 14th edition).
For many, the book has remained on the desktop as a practical guide even after the course, as it will always be helpful for possible future SQL challenges.

Please download here couple of pages from the updated SQL Guide:

To whom this course is suitable:

For anyone interested in SQL and relational databases, no prerequisites are required. For individuals who want to explore information in their information system. For reporters, BI people, testers, controllers. Very useful for supervisors and project managers (facilitates communication with implementers / suppliers).

No prerequisites.

Contents of the course:

  • Basics of relational strains and products in brief
  • The meaning and status of SQL
  • SQL structure and statements
  • Questionnaire exercises at the workstation
  • Groupings, functions, date processing
  • Traditional and new connection syntax
  • External connection
  • Main subqueries
  • Comparison of instruction types and practical usage recommendations
  • Creating tables
  • Reference integrity
  • Update commands
  • Outlook
  • Mandate
  • Basics of embedded SQL
  • Tips for good performance
  • If necessary, a comparison of different SQL dialects
    – according to the situation of the participants (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Access)
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A couple of days went by this – a couple of useful days. Thanks to the employer and the course leader. I dare say that after this I get more power out of me.
Participant in company-specific SQL training

Well-structured course, very good teaching material, good lecturer and good SQL environment. The things I taught myself were already pretty much familiar, but I had learned them in a MySQL environment. Now the old things were repeated and I was able to learn a few dialect differences with SQL Server. In addition, it was really good that the exercise material was available all the time.
June 2021 participant

Course review
12 Reviewers



CEO and Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence lead at Ari Hovi

Hannu has been working with artificial intelligence for the first time in the mid-90s. He has a clear idea of ​​what is artificial intelligence today is realism, and what is advertising speech.

Hannu has assisted organizations in AI strategy work, from small organizations to the largest export companies, including the University Central Hospital Management Team and the Executive Committee responsible for AI strategy work at the TOP10 listed company.

He has trained heterogeneous groups from AI beginners to PhDs in machine learning to identify and work together on AI’s business opportunities.

Hannu also teaches SQL and Data Modeling.

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SQL basics

Course review
12 Reviewers
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