Remco Broekmans

Business Data Modeling Professional, Facilitator, Trainer & Advisor. VP International Programs, Genesee Academy, LLC.

Remco Broekmans has 20+ years experience working with all things Data including DW/BI, Data Modeling (Ensemble Modeling and Data Vault in particular) and Enterprise Integration. His current focus is on getting aligned with the business side of organizations in ELM workshops and work with business people towards an Aligned, Refined and Designed Data model – a Logical Data Model fit for Data Vault or other Ensemble pattern. Remco is fulfilling different roles like Instructor, Facilitator, Coach and Advisor.

Remco wrote the Guide to the Ensemble Logical Model and the ELM Artifacts describing the process how to work with the Business towards the Logical Data Model. He is also publishing articles on LinkedIn on the various data modelling topics and developing course materials for the Data Vault Certification and the Business Mapping & ELM training. In the past Remco has developed several education courses on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.

Frequently speaking at conferences and Dama meetings on various topics in Data modelling. All with a big connection to the Business-First philosophy of Enterprise Data Initiatives. Recent presentations were about “Context in Data Vault” and “Handling time in Data Vault”.

Remco’s Specializations include: Data Modeling, Information Management and Ensemble Modeling, Data Vault Modeling, Business Mapping with ELM Workshops, Big Data Modeling, Agile Data Warehousing, Education, e-Learning, Applied AI and Business Development.

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