Practical Metadata Management Training Course


A 1-day class covering the considerations, benefits and approaches for the successful capture, storage, management and exploitation of metadata.  This course will show the different types, sources and uses of Metadata and illustrate why the old definition of “data about data” masks the truth.

Additionally, this course addresses the key points covered in the Metadata Management specialised exam for the DAMA-I Certified Data Management Professional qualification (CDMP).


  • What is MetaData & why the old definition “Data about data” hides the full story
  • Distinguish the different types of Metadata (e.g. Business, Data, Technical, Governance and Process)
  • Appreciate the business benefit of Metadata and discusses various uses and methods for exploiting metadata
  • Discover how to capture, distribute and exploit Metadata and the various methods for storing metadata.
  • Gain an awareness of the different sources of metadata and the issues for integrating them
  • Understand the key industry standards for Metadata and understand how (and why) to exchange metadata between different components of your architecture
  • Discover the difference between a Business Glossary, Data Dictionary and Metadata repository and the other “library” uses of Metadata
  • Big Data technologies and Metadata: the uncomfortable truth about what’s missing.


Metadata Management course topics

Metadata Overview

  • What is Metadata & why it’s collection and management are vital
  • The Business Value of Metadata
  • Sources of metadata and methods of collecting and storing it
  • The different types of metadata including:
    • Technical Metadata
    • Business metadata
    • Process
    • Governance & ownership metadata
    • Operational metadata

Benefits & uses of metadata

  • Metadata Strategy
    • Business Prioritization
    • Stakeholder Analysis
    • Technical Infrastructure & Analysis
    • Metamodels
  • How to provide metadata repositories and the means of providing business user access and glossaries from these including:
    • Business Glossary,
    • Data Dictionary
    • Process & Data Models
    • Data Lineage and
    • other “library” uses of Metadata
  • Metadata standards and tools
  • The role and exploitation of data models, and their key place in a metadata strategy

The role of Metadata in Data Governance

  • Overview of a framework for Data Governance
  • Explain how Metadata and a CDM provides the central ‘anchor’ in the framework, relating it to important principles and standards
  • Examine the different ‘flavours’ and types of Metadata & its role in Data Governance
  • Real-world examples of the use of Metadata in Data Governance

Metadata Implementation

  • Metadata Architecture
  • Metadata Implementation & Rollout
  • A maturity assessment to consider the way in which metadata is utilized in the enterprise and its integration in the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • A framework for Metadata Governance

Big Data & Metadata

  • Pitfalls of the metadata gap in big data technologies
  • How to tag data for retrieval

CDMP Specialist Exam Preparation

  • Understand the synopsis of the CDMP Metadata Management specialist exam
  • Throughout the course practice by taking sample questions in each section
  • Optionally, at the end of the course, sit the live CDMP specialist examination.
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Information Strategist, Independent Advisor & Trainer. Vice President Professional Development at DAMA International

Christopher Bradley has spent 38 years in the forefront of the Information Management field, working for International organisations in Information Management Strategy, Data Governance, Data Quality, Information Assurance, Master Data Management, Metadata Management, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence.

He is VP of Professional Development for DAMA-International, the inaugural Fellow of DAMA CDMP, past president of DAMA UK.  He is an author of the DMBOK 2 and author & examiner for professional certifications.

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Practical Metadata Management Training Course

Data Control
1 day

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