We help you and your business become data driven.

The mission of our company is to help companies and organisations to become Data-Driven & Culture of Data both through training and consulting. In addition to this, you will gain access to young future data professionals through our collaboration with Studentwork.


From our trainings you will learn the latest and most effective know-how in the field.

We are one of Finland’s key players when it comes to utilising data. trainers. We are constantly bringing to Finland top international trainers to educate our clients on the latest industry practices and practices worldwide (eg Data Vault 2.0 and DataOps). Our domestic trainers are among the best in the industry and have solid practical experience.

We consult on demanding projects and increase the expertise of the customer’s staff.

On the consulting side, we specialise in high profile assignments and corporate solutions. We are also able to carry out large-scale transformation projects in the field of artificial intelligence and data utilisation, as well as enhancing the skills of our customers’ staff.

Thanks to our network of international trainers, we utilise the latest industry practices and practices (such as Data Vault 2.0 and DataOps) as part of our consultancy. We are distinguished from many other consulting companies in the industry by our independence from technologies and their suppliers, and our desire to continually increase the skills of our client’s own staff – to enable the organisation to develop itself.

We have consulted almost all of the Top 30 companies in Finland as well as numerous public sector organisations.


We facilitate the recruitment of young future data professionals.

There is a huge shortage of young data professionals in the industry. As a result, in collaboration with Clevry, we have developed a staff leasing program to train young people who are willing to enter the business to acquire basic skills and understanding in the data industry. Demand for this program is growing rapidly. Please see more here.


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