Modern implementations of data and analytics solutions

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A concise and vendor-independent briefing on the ideas, methods, and tools for data warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Big Data. The course covers terminology, concepts and architectural options. We are also exploring the growing role of Big Data solutions, modern cloud services and advanced analytics in hands-on projects. Comes with an unbiased review of DW and BI software.

The course saves time and can speed up DW projects: things become clear at once. The course also facilitates discussion with suppliers when the terms, architectures, and product are familiar. The course is also very useful for those working with total architecture.

Suitable for anyone involved in or dealing with a data warehouse / BI project who wants an overview of the data warehouse / BI area and the implications of Big Data, as well as an insight into future trends.

This course has also been one of our most popular company-specific trainings.

Data storage – that’s what it’s about

why are data warehouses being built?
terms, concepts, and different types of data warehousing
– DW, BI, Datamart, OLAP, ETL, Staging Area etc.
various data warehousing architectures such as EDW (Enterprise DW), Data Vault and Datamart architecture
could proceed without a data warehouse
opportunities for widespread use of the data warehouse
relationship to the overall and data architecture and the Master Data Management area
Big Data as part of data warehousing


main options
Inmon and Kimball architectures
Architecture based on the Big Data ecosystem, the role of Hadoop
data warehouse database design methods
principles e.g. About Star Model, EDW and Data Vault design
Historical methods
About the organization


ETL phase and integration
download, database and reporting tools
About Big Data Technology
cloud-based solutions, SaaS, PaaS
trends and prospects

Data Utilization and BI

ways of utilizing information and the importance of visualization
methods of data-driven management
Business Intelligence, Analytics and Data Science definitions
storage platforms: cube, column-based database, storage capacity
Product Review of BI and Advanced Analytics
The effects of Big Data in the BI area.

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Comments from course participants:

  • Comprehensive overview of the DW / BI world, a good overview of trends
    The best was the content and the trainer’s extensive skills (real world examples)
    conversational atmosphere, opportunity to ask.
  • The course material is a good package
  • Independence, generalization and product comparisons
  • A great trainer with a clear long experience of the subject himself answered all the questions perfectly.
    The course material (powerpoint) was excellent. Really good training day!
Course review
3 Reviewers



CEO and Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence lead at Ari Hovi

Hannu has been working with artificial intelligence for the first time in the mid-90s. He has a clear idea of ​​what is artificial intelligence today is realism, and what is advertising speech.

Hannu has assisted organizations in AI strategy work, from small organizations to the largest export companies, including the University Central Hospital Management Team and the Executive Committee responsible for AI strategy work at the TOP10 listed company.

He has trained heterogeneous groups from AI beginners to PhDs in machine learning to identify and work together on AI’s business opportunities.

Hannu also teaches SQL and Data Modeling.

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Modern implementations of data and analytics solutions

Course review
3 Reviewers
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