ILMAINEN WEBINAARI by BILL INMON on Architecture and the Data Lakehouse

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Two day class on the Data lakehouse
This webinar will be held on the 10th and 11th of November at 16-18.00 each day.


The data lakehouse is the next generation of the data warehouse and data lake, designed to meet today’s complex and ever-changing analytics, machine learning, and data science requirements.

Learn about the features and architecture of the data lakehouse, along with its powerful analytical infrastructure. Appreciate how the universal common connector blends structured, textual, analog, and IoT data. Maintain the lakehouse for future generations through Data Lakehouse Housekeeping and Data Future-proofing. Know how to incorporate the lakehouse into an existing data governance strategy. Incorporate data catalogs, data lineage tools, and open source software into your architecture to ensure your data scientists, analysts, and end users live happily ever after.

This short course covers some of the basics of the data lakehouse:

Day One:

  • Introduction to the data lakehouse
  • Structured data
  • Textual data
  • Machine generated data
  • The fundamental different types of data
  • The common connector

The issues addressed in the first day are:

  • What is a data lakehouse
  • What are the kinds of data found in the data lakehouse
  • What can be done to integrate the data in the data lakehouse
  • What are some applications of analytics produced from the data lakehouse?


Day Two:

The second day of the course addresses textual data.

  • Textual Data
  • The issue of context
  • Sources of text
  • Transformation
  • Database creation
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Corelative analysis

The issues addressed the second day are :

  • Text and context
  • Transformation
  • What does the textual database look like
  • Sentiment analytics
  • Corelative analytics


The course is taught by Bill Inmon. Bill wrote the book BUILDING THE DATA WAREHOUSE and the book BUILDING THE DATA LAKEHOUSE. Bill lives in Denver Colorado.

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Bill Inmon

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ILMAINEN WEBINAARI by BILL INMON on Architecture and the Data Lakehouse

Datan hallinta
Bill Inmon
4 hours on 2 days
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