Bernard Marr

Bernard Marr is a best-selling business author, speaker and consultant in strategy management, performance management, analytics, KPIs and big data- he is the known Big Data guru. He is acknowledged by the CEO Journal as one of today’s leading business brains, He is a top 100 LinkedIn LinkedIn Influencer.

Big Data is changing the world. It is transforming the way we live, conduct science and healthcare, run cities and take care of customers. It is a hot topic. Still it is hard to know what to do about it. Now it´s time for putting Big Data into Practice and start using Berrand Marr´s SMART Data methods.

Bernard Marr ´s leading-edge work with major companies, organisations and governments across the globe makes him a globally acclaimed and award-winning researcher, consultant and teacher. In this unique seminar he  gives practical advice how to build a strategy and how to link that back to your strategic and tactical objectives. He shows the steps how to build meaningful analytics. Data itself is meaningless, it needs to be converted into insights and then reports and data visualizations.

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