SQL Advanced – in-depth days

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Don’t settle for the “SELECT * FROM table” level, but deepen your skills, be surprised by the versatility of SQL! SQL is a good tool for editing data.

Many spend a lot of time editing data with different tools or programming languages. Processing data with SQL saves a lot of time. You can also dig examples from the internet, but is there time for that? In this course you learned good methods at once, in this course you can try and internalize different sentence structures.

“Must-have course” for authors of downloads and reports of Data Warehouse stocks. Even if you use an ETL tool, you should know SQL well! Also popular with testing experts.

For those who already know the basics of SQL, we offer in-depth knowledge and skills in this unique course based on practical experience. Comes with newer features of SQL as well as plenty of handy examples of expressive statements that can save you a lot of unnecessary work. We comprehensively go through the different connections and all the different types of subqueries. Other examples: table-level comparisons, updating from one table to another, versatile subqueries, age calculation, double-row handling, and maximum n values. In addition, we make a wide range of so-called. data download exercise with its histories, we practice the so-called profiling commands as well as examples of new analytical functions. The course is product independent and we compare the SQL dialects of different products according to the needs of the participants.

Ari Hovi has developed this course over the years and it is based on his popular SQL Guide book, supplemented with many new examples and exercises. Lauri Pietarinen, one of Finland’s leading SQL experts, is now taking the course in his interactive style, which takes into account the needs of students. He got a score of 4.7 / 5 from the last SQL course.

Plenty of training tasks on our own workstations, in our own SQL training environment, without installations via a browser. You can do the exercises of your choice with SQL Server, Oracle or PostgreSQL. Participants will receive plenty of examples, tips based on practical experience and comprehensive course material.

The course is often also ordered on a company-specific basis; you should order in time to fit in the calendar, the exercises can be done on your own machines using Ari Hovi’s cloud-based training environment.

To whom:

For anyone who wants to quickly get deeper into SQL skills. For data warehouse designers and implementers, testers, Data Scientists, BI and reporting people, application programmers, DBAs, migrators.


Simple basic SQL skills; or e.g. our SQL basics course.

Training time
Daily start and end of training event: training 9:00-16:15

Contents of this course:

  • Repetition of basic SQL queries
  • Functions
  • Grouping
  • CASE statement
  • Joints; new and old syntax
  • External connection; problem cases
  • Subquery in FROM statement
  • Subqueries; ordinary and correlated; EXISTS
  • Comparison of two tables (changed, new, deleted)
  • SQL statements needed to handle Type-2 history
  • Making summary tables
  • Database data quality control with SQL
  • Useful upgrade commands
  • Processing and modifying strings
  • Performance considerations
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The SQL In-Depth Days provide a close review and a good practice course for those who have mastered the basics of SQL and have used the language for some time, the basic insights of which include learning by doing. The exercises in the course increase in difficulty towards the end of the course, and do what they are meant to do: they increase their appetite to try and vary what they have learned later in their own projects.
Kimmo Lassila, System Designer, City of Helsinki, National Board of Education

Ari Hovi’s SQL Advanced Days course has been held in our company several times. Ari’s professionalism and flexibility have enabled customized SQL Advanced Days courses for our needs in our own environment. Participants have praised the course for being one of the most rewarding courses in their careers! Participants have been really pleased with the delivery of the course. For me, this is perhaps best reflected in the fact that our long-standing application developers have also learned something new and also told others about it. of the course.
Jani Nissinen, Section Manager, Tietokarhu Oy

Course review


Lauri Pietarinen SQL


Relational Consulting Oy

Lauri Pietarinen is an experienced database and SQL expert and works for Relational Consulting Oy.

He has implemented several demanding database implementations and data warehousing solutions and consults companies on extensive data projects in Finland and Sweden. Lauri is one of Finland’s most experienced SQL experts.

In addition, Lauri is perhaps the best indexing expert in Finland and has led an in-depth indexing course developed by Tapio Lahdenmäki for years, including e.g. In Denmark and Iceland. He often speaks at international database conferences about SQL, relational databases, and indexing.

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SQL Advanced – in-depth days

Course review
Lauri Pietarinen SQL
Agile Development / Advanced
2 days
Remote training

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