Master & Reference Data Management


A 1-day practical class covering the different MDM architectures, genres, applications and activities involved in running a successful Master Data Management initiative. This 1-day class explores how to get started with Reference & Master Data Management and outlines a successful framework for achieving MDM and RDM success.

Additionally, this course addresses the key points covered in the Master and Reference Data Management specialised exam for the DAMA-I Certified Data Management Professional qualification (CDMP).

The course is designed and taught by the VP of Professional Development for DAMA International, author of “Data Modelling for the Business” an industry recognized DAMA DMBoK(2.0) author, DAMA CDMP(Fellow) Past President of DAMA UK, author and examiner of the professional CDMP certification and recipient of the DAMA Lifetime Achievement Award for Data Management Excellence.  The course also prepares students to sit the Master and Reference Data Management specialist CDMP examination.


Learning Objectives

This course provides you with the knowledge, methods and techniques required to analyze, mature and implement Master & Reference Data management solutions within your organisation.  It gives a solid grounding in the different requirements for the CDMP specialist Master & Reference Data Management.


At the end of the course, delegates would have gained the following:

Level set understanding & terminology:

  • Understand the differences between Reference & Master Data.
  • Learn about the need for and the application of Master Management approaches for different categories of challenges
  • Understand the different business drivers for Master & Refence Data Management
  • Understand the linkage between Master Data Management with Data Modelling, Data Quality and Data Governance.

Pragmatic Learning

  • Learn how to identify what should be Mastered in across the enterprise.
  • Discover 4 generic Master Data Management architectures & their suitability in different cases.
  • Understand how to undertake a Master Data Management maturity assessment to consider business procedures for Master Data Management and the provision and appropriateness of Master Data Management solutions per major data subject area.
  • Discover approaches to incrementally implement Master Data Management to align with business priorities.

CDMP Certification

  • Understand the syllabus for the CDMP Master and Reference Data specialist professional certification
  • Revise the example questions for the CDMP specialist examination.


Course Outline:

Master and Reference Data Management:   

  • What is Master Data Management, and what are the differences between Master and Reference Data & why it matters.
  • The essential relationship between Master Data Management, Data Quality and Data Governance
  • What are the different types of MDM Architectures, from a full central hub, through hybrid to virtualised with many flavours and variants along the way.
  • The applicability of different MDM architectural styles to differing business problems and why identifying the correct architecture for your type and usage of Master Data is crucial.
  • A Reference Architecture Model for Master and Reference Data Management and exploration of the typical components and functions in the Reference Architecture.
  • How to identify & select the right tooling for your environment and Master Data business needs.
  • Genres of Master Data Management solutions and the common pitfalls if you select the wrong type.
  • Architecture considerations: Single domain and Multi domain MDM solutions, the advantages & disadvantages of each and how to determine what’s most appropriate for you.
  • Different approaches for Master Data Management implementation and why you must be careful in the approach selected. This includes Operational vs Analytical MDM.  The issues and implications associated with the different approaches and why getting these right impacts future MDM success.
  • How to build the case for a Master Data initiative showing a proven approach for identifying the Data Subject Areas aligned to Business initiatives to start on your MDM program.
  • How to create an incremental MDM implementation plan that won’t break the bank.
  • The under looked but critical aspect of Reference Data Management.

CDMP Specialist Exam Preparation

  • Understand the synopsis of the CDMP Master & Reference Data Management specialist exam
  • Throughout the course practice by taking sample questions in each section
  • Optionally, at the end of the course, sit the live CDMP specialist examination.



Practitioners who seek to gain an understanding of the different considerations in Master and Reference data Management and those seeking Professional recognition through the Industry recognised CDMP specialist examination.  These include:

  • Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse developers & architects
  • Data Modellers
  • Developers
  • Data & Enterprise Architects
  • Data Analysts
  • Solution Architects
  • Application Architects
  • Information Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Database Administrators
  • Project / Programme Managers
  • IT Consultants
  • Data Governance Managers
  • Data Quality Managers
  • Information Quality Practitioners
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Information Strategist, Independent Advisor & Trainer. Vice President Professional Development at DAMA International

Christopher Bradley has spent 38 years in the forefront of the Information Management field, working for International organisations in Information Management Strategy, Data Governance, Data Quality, Information Assurance, Master Data Management, Metadata Management, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence.

He is VP of Professional Development for DAMA-International, the inaugural Fellow of DAMA CDMP, past president of DAMA UK.  He is an author of the DMBOK 2 and author & examiner for professional certifications.

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Master & Reference Data Management

Data Quality
1 day

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