FREE WEBINAR: Unified Star Schema – New Paradigm of Data Modeling and Analytics


Francesco Puppini will present the Unified Star Schema. The democratization of data is continuously improving, but there is still a lot to achieve. Self Service Business Intelligence today exists for data experts, but it does not exist for average business users. Every time a new business requirement arises, some new code must be written. This ”ad-hoc” approach is slow, expensive, and painful.

”The Unified Star Schema” (USS): it is a special data model that acts as a foundation for all the possible analytical requirements of your organization (reports, dashboards, OLAP cubes, free-hand SQL, R, Python, machine learning models…). It is a generalization of the Dimensional Modeling: the same structure can be used either for a classic Kimball approach (having many star-snowflake schemas sharing conformed dimensions) or one universal star schema, where all facts and dimensions are pre-connected, all centered on the the ”Bridge” (some call it the ”Puppini Bridge”).

This structure will NEVER create any duplication in your data: this is a massive achievement!!! This solution also solves the problem of circular references and non-confirmed granularities. And especially, it allows working on data that comes from multiple fact tables. It is not easy to build, but it is incredibly easy to use.

In this workshop, you will become familiar with the Unified Star Schema (USS). You will see that one single Star Schema can satisfy multiple business requirements, and potentially all of them. You will understand how the USS makes this possible. You will see a live demo with Tableau and ThoughtSpot.

The session will be highly interactive, because the USS is a work in progress, and you will become part of a community that works constantly to make this resource useful to every data practitioner, across multiple countries, industries, and technologies.

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Francesco Puppini

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FREE WEBINAR: Unified Star Schema – New Paradigm of Data Modeling and Analytics

Agile Development
Francesco Puppini
1.5 hours
Remote training 15-16.30

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