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At the heart of digitalisation is the utilisation of data and the competence of staff. Ensure success and learn from trainers who have been responsible for Finland’s and the world’s most demanding digitalisation projects. The trainings are mostly distance trainings.

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Past courses

Advanced Data Modelling 16.03.2020 Educator: ALEC SHARP
Advanced Data Modelling 18.01.2021 Educator: CHRIS BRADLEY
Azure Data Platform in practice 31.12.2022 Educator: Jonne Poutiainen
Data Modeling 30.12.2022 Educator: HANNU JÄRVI
Data Strategy – 4 Day Evening Course for Leaders 04.04.2022 Educator: DONNA BURBANK
Data Vault Introduction 31.12.2022 Educator: HANNU JÄRVI
Data Virtualization: Technology and Use Cases Educator: RICK VAN DER LANS
Data Warehouse Modernisation 04.05.2021 Educator: MIKE FERGUSON
FREE Data Vault Meet & Greet 2022 Educator: CYNTHIA (CINDI) MEYERSOHN
Generating the data you need for your business 31.12.2022 Educator: HANNU JÄRVI
How to Govern Data Across a Distributed Data Landscape 13.03.2024 Educator: MIKE FERGUSON
Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics 11.02.2021 Educator: MIKE FERGUSON
Master & Reference Data Management 04.11.2022 Educator: CHRIS BRADLEY
Migrating To A Cloud Data Warehouse Educator: MIKE FERGUSON
Modern implementations of data and analytics solutions 31.12.2022 Educator: HANNU JÄRVI
Power BI Basics 31.12.2022 Educator: Antti Mäenpää
Practical Data Governance, Stewardship & Compliance 30.03.2023 Educator: CHRIS BRADLEY
Practical Data Quality Management 29.11.2021 Educator: CHRIS BRADLEY
Practical Guidelines for Designing New Data Architectures 06.03.2023 Educator: RICK VAN DER LANS
Practical Metadata Management Training Course 03.11.2022 Educator: CHRIS BRADLEY
Programming basics with Python Educator: JARI "JAFFA" JAANTO
Python with data analysis and azure 31.12.2021 Educator: JARI "JAFFA" JAANTO
R for data science Educator: Csaba Ortutay
SQL Advanced – in-depth days 31.12.2022 Educator: LAURI PIETARINEN
SQL basics 27.12.2022 Educator: HANNU JÄRVI
Ten Steps to Quality Data Educator: Danette McGilvray
The Complete Guide to Data Stewardship Educator: David Plotkin
Working With Business Processes Masterclass 02.04.2024 Educator: ALEC SHARP