Introduction to Data Strategy – A Practical Approach

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  • 25.02.2020 - 26.02.2020 HUONE Kamppi, Malminkatu 30, Helsinki. 1 900 € + alv

Course Overview

The need for organizations to create a comprehensive data strategy and data management plan is greater than ever, with the rise of the data-driven organization casting a larger spotlight on data-driven initiatives. But creating an enterprise data strategy and architecture can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to know where to begin, and how to prioritize efforts with the myriad technologies and stakeholders involved. This course will help de-mystify data strategy and data management, and will provide concrete, practical ways to get started. Hands-on activities and workshops will be included that help apply the concepts to your unique organization.

Picture: Global Data Strategy's Framework for Building a Practical, Actionable Data Strategy

Picture: Global Data Strategy’s Framework for Building a Practical, Actionable Data Strategy

Day 1

Day One provides an overview of the main components for building a data strategy and associated architecture. A key focus will be on aligning the data strategy with the organization’s business strategy to support becoming a more data-driven organization. An overview of the key components of data management will be covered including: metadata management, data architecture and data modeling, data quality, BI and data warehousing, Big Data and analytics, master data management, and data integration. Hands-on workshop exercises will be provided to give students the opportunity to apply the techniques they’ve learned. Topics include:

  • Data Strategy & Data Management Overview
    • Data Strategy & Data Management Executive Overview
    • Building blocks of a data strategy & architecture
    • Case studies & success stories
  • Establishing Goals & Gaining Buy-In
    • Motivation & drivers
    • Effectively communicate needs and expected ROI
    • Workshop: Defining business motivations & drivers
  • Building the Data Management Foundation
    • Metadata Management
    • Data Architecture & Data Modeling
    • Data Quality
    • BI and Data Warehousing
    • Big Data & Analytics
    • Master Data Management
    • Data Integration
    • Workshop: Assessing Current State Maturity
  • Prioritizing Business-Critical Data & Capabilities
    • Identify and prioritize cross-functional stakeholder needs
    • Define & manage business-critical data
    • Build the right technical architecture for your organization’s needs
    • Workshop: Prioritizing Business-Critical Data Objectives

Day 2

Day Two covers data governance, which is a critical part of any successful data strategy. We will begin with an overview of data governance and the various approaches and components involved in building a data governance organization from both an organizational and technical perspective. In the afternoon, students will integrate all of the topics learned in the course in an interactive workshop to build a roadmap and implementation plan for their unique organization. Topics include:

  • Data Governance
    • Data Governance Overview
    • Aligning Data Governance with business objectives
    • Organizational structures
    • Data stewardship & roles
    • Processes & workflows
    • Tools & technologies to support data governance
    • Workshop: Data Governance exercise
  • Defining an Actionable Roadmap
    • Identifying “quick wins”
    • Showing success metrics
    • Culture & communication
    • Workshop: Building an Actionable Roadmap




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