AI development in practice with Deep Learning and TensorFlow

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  • 01.11.2018 - 02.11.2018 Helsinki 1 900 € + alv

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Detailed description:

Deep Learning is taking with world by storm and technologies such as TensorFlow are  empowering the age of Artificial Intelligence.  This workshop will teach you from a gentle introduction into Artificial Neural Networks and then it will take you into a deep dive into developing your first Neural Network with TensorFlow already!

This training was ranked #2 in the world out of 8000 trainings, according to the Inc. Magazine. Now it’s available for the first time in Helsinki!

The instuctor Tarry Singh  is currently a mentor at Courser’a DeepLearning Specialization working with Andrew Ng, the world’s leading figure in Artificial Intelligence. 

We will also explore the  the necessary skill sets required so you can fast track from a novice, whiz past the world of Machine Learning and get a good grip of Deep Learning by understanding how neural networks work.

We will take a look at the use of TensorFlow in your production environments and we will also talk about the many pitfalls and how to avoid them. Topics covered in the two days:

  1. Learn about Artificial Intelligence  and popular Neural Network Architectures
  2. Learn about TensorFlow’s Basics (Sessions, Graphs, Variables, Placeholders)
  3. Learn about TensorFlow’s Framework approach to Neural Network
  4. Learn to build your first TensorFlow Neural Network — we build our first AI Neuron (using simple linear fit using 2D data)
  5. Learn about TensorFlow Estimator API — what is it? Learn more by suing a simple exercise on Classification & Regression (Classifying Diabetes)
  6. Learn to build your first TensorFlow Neural Network — Image Classification with the famous MNIST Image Dataset OR detect Cats vs Dogs — you pick!
  7. Learning about use of TensorFlow in production — Distributed Computing, Exporting and Serving Models, Additional Tips & Tricks on Model Consstruction and TensorFlow Serving
  8. Wrap up and a surprise Homework Exercise — for those who dare 🙂



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