Introduction to NoSQL

Your Transformation to Data-Driven Business Starts Here!


Learn How and When to utilize this emerging, fast-growing class of data stores to the enterprise


Learn about the emerging class of NoSQL technologies that can be used to manage operational big data. Understand the ideal workloads for NoSQL in managing enterprise data, where NoSQL adds value to an enterprise information strategy, how NoSQL technology works and what makes it different from SQL technology.

This “code-lite” session uses examples from several major NoSQL databases used to demonstrate principles.  For the data/technology community as well as the key user community, the class provides guidance on how NoSQL technologies work, how to position them in the enterprise and how to put them to work for operational big data management. This practical session will help you add a significant class of technologies into consideration to ensure information remains an unparalleled corporate asset.


You Will Learn:

Big data basics

Enablers for NoSQL

NoSQL data models: key-value, document, column store, graph

NoSQL usage patterns

NoSQL database architectures